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tv   News at 5pm  FOX  July 23, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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tears. >> a long legal chapter ended in this oakland courtroom. not present but on everyone's mind. carlos naveh. truck by a stray bullet and killed august 8, 2011. the toddler's mother and grandmother were in the courtroom as the judge sentenced the boy. >> they spoke about the loss they suffered. >> the mother had a sense of sadness that never goes away. i never imagined something like this would happen to me or my family. the jury convicted the men for the murder and the attempted murder of two rival gang members. the judge said can there be a person more helpless than this 3-year-old on a stroller.
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carlos had no chance. at three years of age he believed his was a world of safety and love. all that was ripped from him by these two defendants. >> i think it's a tragedy that carlos naveh was killed and it's a further tragedy that the men were convicted. >> the verdict and sentences send a strong message. gang violence of this nature won't be tolerated. >> in this courtroom there were no winners. tears and hugs on both sides for what is lost. two men who'll spend the rest of their lives in prison and a little boy who'll never grow old. >> denard's defense attorney said her client was never identified as the shooter and
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they will appeal. part of six flags was shut down because of a fire. the fire started burning around 2:00 at foley park, across from six flags. a half hour later an ember flew toward six flags. the roof smolders but there was no real danger. the part of the park was closed. the rest of six flags was not affected. we're following breaking news in east oakland. news chopper go was at east 17th street. you see a large police response and a number of people near where it happened. the body was in the driveway of a residence. he was shot to death. there's not much information about the victim. but we have a crew on the way there. the alameda coroners office
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was evacuated after people were overcome by a strong odor. a deputy sheriff went to the hospital for problems. 14 others explained. it happened after a body bag was unzipped. inside that bag were the decomposed remains of a man who's death may have been caused by a chemical expose jur. investigators -- exposure. president obama wrapped up a brief bay area with a fundraiser. david is live with details of the president's stay and the protesters who met him. the president spent 16 yours in the -- hours in the bay area. a whirlwind trip that focused on fund raisers. >> the president arrived in san francisco late tuesday evening and began his workday
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wednesday. speaking to select guests of the house majority political action committee. that event was free, in lot altos -- loss altos people paid to see him. this is five minutes walking distance from our home. i thought it would be a nice experience for my son and my friend's children. the president rallies support for democrat candidates. i need everyone to have a sense of urgency about the midterms as you had about my elections. >> outside the fund raisers protesters ended the u.s. aid to israel. they rallied for protection for central american children crossing the border to the u.s. >> that passion in itself gives
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them the right to be fought for some sort of asylum. >> the president didn't engage with the protesters, he arrived at the airport at 1:30. escorted by three osprey aircraft. he's in los angeles tonight. expected to attend a fundraiser for the democratic campaign committee this evening and another tomorrow afternoon. the san francisco medical examiner is investigating the death of a man who collapsed. the man is 38-year-old george
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shaken berg. his facebook page said he was a design director in san francisco. faa is extending a flight ban to israel. a rocket launched by hamas slammed into a homer in the airport. the ban only applies to the u.s. carriers, delta, united and some european airlines have extended the ban. israeli officials are insisting the airport is safe. the dutch government is declaring today a day of mourning as the bodies of those who died when the flight was shut down were brought to the netherlands. thousands broke from their routine to honor the leaves
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lost. >> the bodies of flight 17 were brought to the netherlands. more than half of those who died when the airliner was shot down by a missile are dutch citizen. >> they want their children back. that's important for the family and the friends of course. >> very important. waiting for a couple days and now it's coming. it's important for the people here and the people in our country. >> the motorcade of hearsts -- hearses made their way. dutch officials are tasked with identifying the remains and world leaders want an investigation into the crash. the black boxes are in the
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united kick dom. the british have the laboratory needed. >> the voice recorder shot down over the ukraine was damaged but not manipulated. a missile system most likely took out the aircraft. it was probably targeted by mistake. they don't know who had the finger on the trigg near the russian spraysist could not do this without the russians and the responsibility is at the feet of putin. >> the area is unstable. 20-miles from the site of the plane wreckage, rebels shot down two ukrainian fighter jets. the san jose police department is taking action toed res critically low
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staffing levels. adding civilian officers. the first academy class of community service officers or cso. the aim is to free of officers to handle active crimes. the cso will handle crimes that have happened and no suspect on the scene. >> the officers will handle the low priority calls. do some investigate identify work and file to work with the police department. the training will last five weeks. the civil officers will not write citations or make arrests. the university system is bracing for fewer students. it will cut plan enrollment growth by 10,000 students. state funding fell short by $10 million. now the revised budget can only
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adominate 10,000 knew students. a ring of cyberthieves have been caught. they are accused of buying more than a million dollars worth of tickets. they were resell the tickets and launder the money. stubhub says the hackers got the passwords from other sources and not from company data files. san francisco's flower mart is sold to a major developers. people have been selling flower there's for 60 years. reaction from a long time vendor. people say things have been hush, hush, some have heard about a possible sale for years. some have not heard anything. it will be a big shock to the vendors that call this home. we don't know anything yet. we're just hearing stuff. the board is not telling us
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anything. >> david has work at to growers association, his family's third generation company has provided flowers. they have prevented this place from being sold. that won't happen this time. the association 2-acre land was sold for $27 million, leaving many without a place to work. i don't know what's going to happen. there's 104 of us here, 104 companies. i don't know. >> the deal is expected to be wrapped up by the end of the year. disturbing claims that the flooring in your house can cause cancer and the case against the store that sole it. >> the fines if they paid the maximum would be more than a billion dollars. the humidity is edging down
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and the temperatures are going up. trains carrying millions of barrels of oil through the bay area. the new push to strengthen the weakest link
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. a woman is facing dui of driving her truck into a liquor store. it was the house of liquors on manner boulevard. it happened after the woman bought something at the store. firefighters had to shore up the corner before the truck could be removed. >> it will be evaluated. we want it to be safe. >> the police identified the drivers a 40-year-old woman. she was treated at a hospital.
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the store was open, but no one was hurt. a new push to make rail cars safer after a series of incidents. rail cars crisscross the bay area and the government wants oil cars to be safer. they want them shipped in a new generation of rail cars. >> as good as it sounds, far better rail cars going over less crowded routes at slower speeds is unlikely to make affected communities welcome them. if approved the refinery wants to bring in 100 tank cars a day. >> they will use the newer designed rail cars to receive crude. >> the new generation of rail
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tank cars have thicker walls, tougher steel. >> it has protections around the valveing at the top part of the car and underneath the car, if it came off the track it's less likely to leak. >> a gross roots group is not buying it. >> there's been numerous incidents with these rail cars, even the improves rail cars most recently in virginia. >> it spans across contra costa county. >> it's a war, it's a home invasion for us. >> west pack wants to off-load crude from trains, store it and transfer the oil to ships. the entire project is within the blast radius of homes, schools, churches and businesses. >> i have a risk management background, you can not
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engineer yourselfous of mechanical failure or human error. a hundred tank cars of crude oil is brought in by train and trucked to a refinery. we don't have faith in the petroleum industry or the rail industry to put the people first first. judge motors issue -- general motors six more recalls raising the total number to 30 million cars, trucks and suvs. the recall includes a 2011, 2012 camaro and lacrosse. the equinox and terrain and cadillac srx. faulty seats. power steering failures and
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turn signal problems. a kayaker had a close encounter with a whale. look at that. she took this footage yesterday morning as they was enjoying a cup of coffee. she saw the whale feeding and was turned when it surfaced next to her. she said the experience left her shaky. a pod of whales has been feeding in the area taking advantage of the anchovies. that's remarkable. i get chills of watching it on video. >> way probably spill the coffee. >> let's go to bill martin. the weather is feeling nicer. >> the grays are big, they are not -- humpbacks are big. the grays will come in close when you're sure --
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surfacing. >> the waters are warm. they had a record high reading. our ocean temperatures are warm. because of the lack of strong onshore winds. the winds will come up and the temperature, sea surface temperature will drop down. weather returns to a more normal pattern. tracking showers, the radar spinning now. that's a change. another change, fog returning to the coast. you see it now. i've got fog at the beaches, not a ton, it will spill in, breaking off at the cliff house and pacifica, down by lind the moore, the fogg will reform. tomorrow will be a warm day, not just at the coast, but inland as well. temperature the last couple
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days trending down. current numbers in the low 80s. temperatures have been on the cool side. they will come up as we go into tomorrow. the winds are blowing west. they are blowing hard in the valley, 22, sustained 22, gusting to 23 in hayward, this is a typical pattern. tropical moisture clearing the area for most part. the fog in the morning, barely there. forecast highs tomorrow, 90s in the central valley. lots of 80s and low 90s tomorrow, low 90s around santa rosa, south toward san jose and morgan hill. forecast highs as we head into tomorrow. 94 in vacaville, 94 in pittsburgh. we've been below average temperature. sprinkles. thundershowers, tomorrow it
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changes. more of what you would expect. drier weather, higher temperature. drier weather meaning lower humidity. we'll be into increased fire danger. the pattern shifts and more concerned with fire as temperature come up. we could go 97 inland on friday. 96 on saturday and sunday. feels more like you would expect, it has not been what you would expect the last couple, three weeks. >> it has been unusual. san francisco offshore, 67 degrees. that's like san diego. toxic materials in your home. the claims a group is making about a common building material. not something you want in your yard. the program a city is testing out. what we're working on for
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6:00. corruption allegation against a housing official. what she may be in charge of. >> a lesson is here on the left. >> a condition so serious the doctor couldn't wait to operate. the procedure on an unborn baby and how he is doing today. if i eat this super creamy and delicious tillamook marionberry pie ice cream right now i'll explode into creamy happiness. wha? oh. tillamook ice cream, tastes better because it's made better.
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. unusual stress testing in bowler -- boulder colorado. a new law mandates bear proof garbage cans. the city is hoping the trash cans will discourage the bears from looking for food near homes. a spokesperson said it the important to keep the wildlife wild. a teenager flying around the world died around today when his plane crashed. he was raising money for a nonprofit. they wash crashed when taking off in american samoan. republicans and democrats are offering competing plans on how to deal with the increase of the number of children
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trying to cross the border. >> we have a crisis. the president is not going to deal with it on his own. even though he has the authority to deal with it on his own. the g.o.p is proposing 1 1/2 billion dollars to deal with the children. the measure would include the use of national guard troop as long the border and changes the law to speed up deportation. >> right now you can see what happens when you have a broken immigration system and shut down do nothing mentality politics. >> the obama administration has requested $3.7 billion, a separate bipartisan measure would allow young immigranted to leave voluntarily. it's not clear if congress will
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pass any bill before the recess next month. one group claims bay area stores sell flooring containing cancer causing chemicals. how to know if this is in your home. the plan to combat hazing at colleges. >> how allow wants to cutback on dangerous traditions.
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. new at 5:00 environmental sue a martial flooring -- national flooring chain. the suit claims lumber liquidators sell a product that gives off formaldehyde. >> that's right. when this lawsuit right here should cause you to check your flooring if you bought laminate in the last three years. it's one of the key investments in remodeling a home.
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new floors make a big difference. some could make you sick. some inexpensive chinese flooring gives off dangerous formaldehyde fumes. >> that's a problem, we buy from china. >> lumber liquidator floors sold flooring that exceeded state toxic standards. >> the public is purchasing toxic flooring and exposing themselves and family to this cancer causing chemical. watery eyes, coughing and difficulty breathing. activists warned the company and it may have been pulled from shelves. check this list. these are the products that were the worst offenders that tests show violated the state
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law. the company in the past disagreed with test results. >> the fines would be more than a billion dollars if they paid the maximum. >> everybody wants cheap fast, and people need to research before they make a purchase. >> the lawsuit demands refunds, full refunds for customers and clear warns on products that contain toxic chemicals. a man from san francisco who went hiking in grand teton martial park in -- national narc has been found dead. he went for a hike on sunday. the search began monday when his girlfriend reported he had not returned. crews found him yesterday. he died of an apparent fall. they are trying to determine the cause of his death.
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hads new information about a man and woman found dead in a moment in sausalito, today police revealed they died from gunshot wounds. 51-year-old robin and the the woman was 42. five guns were recovered from the home. they have not said it's a murder-suicide but there's no threat to the community. hillary clinton was in oakland. the moto for the program is simple, talking is teaching. >> kids have a way of focusing on what's important. for this 4-year-old taking home this book was the most exciting part of the day. maybe you can help your brother. he met hillary clinton was interesting but he was not sure
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what the fuss was about. had more cameras than people. >> those cameras were focus on children at the children's research. >> the results are that by the age of 4, children in lower mcfamilies have heard -- income. families have heard 30 million fewer words. >> oakland is one of two cities where the new campaign is being launched. >> as a parent they don't talk back but they are listening. >> she's no political expert she thought the visit had the look and feel of a campaign event. clinton shook the hand of every leader but didn't take questions from reporters. >> she spoke with deep knowledge and caring about this
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issue. >> oakland school superintendent. >> if she runs for office she has credentials in this area. >> credentials and new friends in oakland for whatever is next for the former secretary of state. despite the ban on flights to tel aviv john kerry flew there today to end the hostilities. he arrived at the airport and shuttling between jerusalem and the west bank. talking to the prime minister and abbas. he's speaking with the u.n. general secretary and vowing to find a path to peace. >> we will continue to push for this cease-fire, we will work with president abbas and others in the region to achieve it. >> this video shows an israeli airstrike on the hamas command
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center. killing 700 palestinian and 35 israelis. the costa concordia is making the trip to the scrap yard. the trip is expecting to take three days. the captain is on trial facing charges of neglect and manslaughter for taking that trip too close to the rocks. the city of fremont showing the art work. the officials unveiled new tile work at that station. the bart extension aadds another five half miles south to a new district. the new station will provide access to silicon valley.
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>> fremont was the end of the  bart line, month longer, we're the gateway into silicon valley. >> part service on the extension project will begin late next year. a trip to the beach ends in the hospital. >> i heard him scream, he was within several arms reach and pull him out of the water. >> what paramedics discovered about the boy's body. gets health care using fake names and fake aude doors -- auditors were approved even though the web site flagged him.
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. after five summers of excavation work a giant dinosaur bone was removed from a quarry in western colorado. 27 pounds, 6'7". it's the longest femur discovered. it loved one 50 million years ago. the workers are preserving the fossil. republicans is pushing for a missile shield to protect the
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east coast. >> the defense department is in the middle of a two year study of four sites for a new missile defense system. >> the move would save the desoto cab company from paying the fee repaired to operate a taxi in san francisco. without to me daalions the drivers would be required to operate like ride sharing companies they can only pick up passengers that arrange for riders in advance. the first day of competition in the rebot is
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underway. al sandra boarded a plane. she trains in pleasant hills and is competing in the games. the competition began in march. 100 elite athletes. she finished four last year and has her sights set on winning it all. >> it's changed my life. it's my full-time job right now. it's been a blazing and a pleasure to compete at the cross fit game. >> it started in santa cruz in 2007. there's 10,000 affiliates worldwide. the competition started today and goes through the weekend. auditors found how easy to enroll and get the government
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the pay for it with fake names and fake information. a plan to curve hazing on sufficient universities, hit a roadblock. it's going to get hotter. fire danger goes up. bulldog: [yawn]
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. taiwanese emergency crews are trying to confirm the number that died in a plane crash this morning. a trance asa, asia plan crashed. 47 people are trapped and feared dead. there were 58 people on board. the plane crashed into homes near the airport during a second attempt to land in severe weather. it was on an island west of the mainland. questions about fraud if the health care system. how false tied applications were accepted. >> these are the preliminary results of the investigation. the full report is months away. 11 of the 12 fake applications were accepted. >> government employees going under cuff to find the flaws in obamacare. fake social security numbers.
5:47 pm
and bad income information but being approved and given subsidies. we got coverage in 11 of the 12 attempts. >> that was with bad information. all of them. fictitious identity and forged documents. >> congress called a hearing. >> these situations are intolerable. >> we can't tolerate this. john lewis said the republican criticism -- >> the long troubled health web site flagged the application, when they went to call centers and real people
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the coverage was approved. i reached out the agency that oversees obamacare, they are working with the gao to fix the flaws the investigation uncovered. >> service was interrupted on two san francisco muni lines after a wire fail. third and mission streets. it affected the 14 mission line and the five fulton line. one person suffered minor injuries and refused treatment. the line was fixed and no word on what caused the line the fall. we're learning about a mystery man who surprised people by paying for their groceries. it was 33-year-old michael, this is a picture of him. he told the paper he had a simple reason. he wanted to turn a lousy day into a good day.
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he was laid off his job and spent $600 from his last paycheck. he realized he's young and fit and he can find another job and others may not be able to. that's a remarkable attitude for that young man to have. >> so many people go into clampdown mode. that's really nice. that's the best use of $600 i can think of. we've been bothering you about this muggy weather for days. >> you have not been bothering me. >> it's been muggy and humid and warm. that's gone away. you felt less humidity. the humidity has kind of cleared out. [no audio]
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. we have a lot of it. not showing up well here, it will be filled in tonight. the up shot tomorrow i think the fog by lunchtime clears off. it will be clear for thursday ashe. these are the current temperature. tomorrow night the temperature will be in the 90s.
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going through microclimates for bay area tomorrow. mid-70's toward oakland. upward 70s and low 90s. so we're in the mid-90's. livermore, antioch. northeastern fringes of the bay valleys. the warmer day in a few days. it will continue to warm as we get into the pattern. that's the plan. warmer. now with warmer daytime highs. loyer humidities but the fire danger comes up. the fuel moisture decreases. higher fire danger in the next few days. air quality will take a hit as well. back to a more typical weather pattern. here's the five-day forecast. a few clouds in the morning. warm to hot on friday, saturday, sunday and monday. it will be warm with a change.
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we were doing temperature in the 70s and 80s. now we're back to the mid- to upper 90s. it's dry but the fire danger pops with that. iracation to the beach ends -- vacation ends with a trip to the hospital. the unexpected diagnosis once the first responders got there. more on what we're working on for 6:00. >> the allegations against the bay area housing official. we're following the money trail. plus a story of a boy who wasn't expected to live. the risky operation and how he's doing today. he's and more coming up at 6:00. it's kfc night.
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aiden's cartilage was torn in his knee. >> the boy had merge surgery and the family had to cancel plans for disney world. his mother says it's not his fault. it could happen to anyone. allegations of corruption inside city government. a public housing authority comes under investigation for missing funds earmarked to keep people's homes safe and clean. a shooting in broad dead light. before this baby was born his life was in jeopardy.
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>> at that moment, we were afraid. the risk doctors took. . hundreds of thousands of dollars missing, it was hear marked to keep these public housing complexes safe and clean. >> richmond's trouble housing authority has another black eye. we showed you the mold, the bug bite on residents, the broken elevators, now there's an allegation of corruption committed by a manager. that manager is on administrative leave. richmond police are running two separate investigations.
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the hacienda complex is one of the biggest run by richmond. >> i didn't hear any maintenance for the last couple months. >> guy land banks said things have improved recently. that makes me angry. you know, how could it happen. don't they have laws? >> in fact. they do. public corruption is a crime that has zero statue of limitations. >> the richmond police are investigating the maintenance manager. >> her husband was affiliated with a vendor that received work and money from the housing authority. the city manager sold outer is on leave while the police investigation what happened to money earmarked formant in fence. >> in the last two years, $340,000. a lot of money


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